Sean future faceCall me Sean. Born from a small and happy family, I am not a super guy with a fancy car or an expensive shoes. I am not a car holic, but I am a rider. My favorite bike is a Ducati Monster six hundred cc.

Anyway, I’ve a sister and i love her so much, like I said I love my sister. Why? she is so nice and smart, I just want to protect her from a bad guy like Me 😀 , Seriously, she is amazing, as same as my beautiful mother.

You might be thing that I am a weak guy to talk about a sister and a mother. Yes I am, but you should know many success people love their mothers. So if you want to be a great person, you should start to love your family.

Anyway, this blog is my personal site, sure you can read it and enjoy it but please ignore it if you find a wrong text here, I am not a pro for sure.

Couples moths ago, I saw many people has destroyed their own life, I mean many people looks depressed. What is going on?

I just thinking now they are need to get more fun in their life, this is why travel, gaming and sport are important.

I will ask you to enjoy with me to get better life, enjoying more fun things here and forgetting the life problems, are you ready?