This is What You Must Know About Starting a Business!

start your business

I try hard to love business things for now, this why you will find many business articles at here, although my blog focused to the travel things, but trust me, we need the business experience and knowledge to help us in the future. By the way here is the thing you should know about startingRead moreRead more

DIY: How to Easily Maintain with The Care for Your Roof

maintenance the roof

Fell SO lazy to clean your roof from the snow? Or there is no times for you to maintenance your roof? Then you should worry about it, why? lets find it why. EVERYBODY HAVE THEIR OWN BUSINESS. They are to busy to doing such this thing (roof maintenance routine). And it is not easy toRead moreRead more

How to Have a Successful Homeschooling for Our Children

home schooling

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein are homeschooling? Don’t underestimate the people who can’t entering the normal school. I know most of them are not have enough money, and some of them has some problems with their life. Anyway, that are not our concern topic, the topic is, how to get aRead moreRead more

Your Handy Guide to Creating a Home Business

home business

Most people don’t want to go to office everyday 8-9 hours everyday wasting they times to make some money. The boss or the owner will be richer because they are the owners, and you will still the same. Fortunately, I am so happy because I see lot of new entrepreneurs jump to their own business,Read moreRead more

Beginner into Photography? Here is The Handy Tips to Take a Great Picture

learning photography

Finally I can write here about my newest hobby, it’s about taking a picture. As you guys know the photography is happening in a couple years until now. I love photography, it’s has great moment when I doing this hobby. Anyway, today i want you to learn a little bit about a basic photography, hopeRead moreRead more