Lonavala An Ideal Place To Relax Between Mumbai And Pune

1b040f2dd40fee4ccd076eaff148d24f-lonavala-tourismMaharashtra has some bagful of places for the travel enthusiast, but, unfortunately, few of the wonderful places are little known countrywide. Lonavala is one such beautiful place. It is unthinkable near to Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala is a lush green hill stations which offer some best pictures of the Deccan Ghats and the Konkan Coast. Nestled in the Sahyadri range and situated between the Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala experiences a cool climate almost throughout the year. This is what attracts the city dwellers. Bestowed with ancient temples and caves, Lonavala is a perfect weekend getaway not only from Mumbai and Pune but also from any other parts of the country. Lonavala is an ideal place to sit back and relax or explore some original Indian architecture of the past. Khandala and Lonavala are the twin towns located 60 km away from Pune and just 82 km away from Mumbai. Khandala is roughly 2 km away from Lonavala. The state dwellers feel blessed to add these two towns in their travel list.
Most of the travellers prefer a drive to Lonavala and Khandala. Though

Varanasi An Interesting And Highly Revered City In India.

30c6434ae3ee39c4bfe49aaad7bb0bad-varanasi-tourismVaranasi is the holy grail of Hindu universe. It is one of the most sacred places in the country and a major part of Uttar Pradesh. It was formerly called Kashi and today is recognized with many sobriquets, including “City of temples”, “City of lights”, “Holy city of India”, and “Religious capital of India”. It is a city with a unique vibe envied by many. Numerous legends, myths, and beliefs still do circles in the streets and the pious river ghats. In fact, the whole existence of the place is based on the belief that Lord Shiva founded the city some 5000 years ago. The holy river Ganges flows through the city and plays a significant part in the rituals and customs that are practiced here. The place is closely associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and sees a large inflow of Shaivites and Vaishnavites. It is said that at one point of time there were nearly 23,000 temples in the place. Many of these got ruined or even destroyed with the passage of time, however, a good concentration of the centuries

Jodhpur Visit Some Wonderfully Historic Wonders Of Rajasthan

4b08bf6d4fa1bee8e2505caa3348eb3a-jodhpur-fortJodhpur is a huge city of Rajasthan situated just at the beginning of the Thar desert. For this it is also called the Gateway of Thar. It is a city which possesses a lot of historical significance because of its rich past and its contribution to the overall history of the country. The Mehrangarh Fort is a grand witness of the glory and pride of the bygone eras that the city has seen. In fact, Jodhpur holds a royal significance in the history of India. You can visit the city during winters, which is the best time to see the places in and around this city. Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the 5 star hotels in Jodhpur which provides luxurious accommodation and facilities for its guests.
Popular tourist attractions to visit in Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort – On the belt of rocks that are as high as 120 m from the skyline of Jodhpur is perched the majestic Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur. The parapets on the walls of the fort are as high as 36 m. The whole fort is strongly built from

Renting a Party Bus for a Family Reunion

The family reunion planning had one problem after another. Once we finally agreed on the date to have it, then we had to work out where it was going to be held. We spent a lot of time seeing who might be interested in going so we could have a working count to figure out the best place to hold it. A local public park where you can rent a building and pavilions seemed to be the best option. Most were going to drive to the park themselves, but we chose Platinum Party Bus rentals for Toronto to pick up elderly family members in different local locations.

This worked out very well. The elderly family members were varying in their ability to get around. Read more

Why to visit Dooars this year

Dooars – This name is based on Doors. As we know the doors means gate or anything from which we entre in any house or any place. The reason of this name is because this place is gateway of Bhutan from India. Dooars is gateway Himalayas in northeast around Bhutan.

Place to Visit in Dooars

Gorumara National Park is a favorite spot of Dooars tourism. It is announced the best national park in India and one of the main attraction of Tourist.

You can also visit Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in Dooars. It is approx. 120km far from Siliguri. In this sanctuary you can see all over savannah trees with elephant grass.

People can also visit Neora Valley National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Neora Valley is biggest biological zones in Eastern India. Here you can see exquisite panda and rich various verdure. Chapramari is rich in wildlife. Tourist can see mainly elephants and deer, tigers, leopards as well.

How to reach there?

It’s a not hard task. Tourist can reach there by Railways, by public and private vehicles and by air craft. Bengal railway was found in 1894, so not a tough job to found Railways in Dooars. There are 2 airports are available in present,

I Loved Doing This for the Kids

As a foster mom, I adore the kids that I foster. Right now, I have two little boys and a girl. They are all siblings, and they have had a hard life so far. I wanted to do something special for them that I have never done before. I even got approval from the social workers to make sure it was okay. I had received an interesting email that simply said to click here for some more info on renting a limo. So, I was thinking of getting together with some of the other foster parents and we could all go in together on renting one for a group of the kids. Give them something memorable that they may not get a chance to do again until older.

The oldest boy who is in my care right now is 12 years old. The next oldest is a 10 year old boy. The little girl is nine years old. They have seen far too much in this world that no children should have to see or go through. Read more

Going to Get Married This Spring

Suzie was the one who decided that we were getting married, of course I was working up towards it. It probably would have taken some time, but we are ready for it and everything is in place. We have a nice little house that the two of us bought together a few months back. We borrowed a little money from my uncle Fred, but he is not going to want it back any time soon. Now we are planning a spring wedding. If you click here you can see the first item of dispute, other than the overall size and cost of the event. I am not so sure that a limousine is really all that essential. It seems like we can drive there and drive away just fine. Read more

Choosing the Right Winter Vacation Property in Colorado

Choosing the Right Winter Vacation Property in Colorado

Going on vacation in Colorado? Whether you are going to Breckenridge, Colorado, Frisco, Colorado or Copper Mountain, Keystone, Dillon or Silverthorne all considered resort towns in Summit County Colorado or Vail Colorado you need to be aware of the different lodging options you have to choose from. First consider your budget. Knowing your budget will dictate whether you should be looking for an economical motel/hotel or an area that is not specifically in the ski town like Breckenridge, copper, Keystone or vail but maybe in locations like Dillon, Silverthorne or Frisco although Frisco is considered Copper’s ski town. In general the further distance from the ski mountain the less expensive. There are many different types of properties available for your vacation, condo’s, townhomes, private homes to elegant homes. One bedrooms to 9 plus bedrooms.

A very important consideration is how close you want to be to the slopes and understand how the price is affected Ski in – out properties in the visitors mind usually means you can walk out your front or back door step into your skis and ski back down to your home, not necessarily true many property management companies define

Delight Tour of Rajasthan tours from Delhi

Rajasthan is not only well-known for its rich culture, history, and architecture, but also for its colorful fairs and festivals. These fairs and festivals add to the glory of the land of the Maharajas, Rajasthan. The fairs and festivals of Rajasthan make one have a glimpse of the history, culture and customs of the state. .

Rajasthan, how to describe that dignified state? Unparalleled to any other state, touring Rajasthan is an exquisite experience in itself. It will take you to the vast sand dunes, wonderful wildlife, grand forts, gorgeous palaces and mouth watering foods. It is common for foreign tourists to visit Rajasthan and enjoy grandeur of this enormous state. Rajasthan is a colourful city and you will experience a wide richness of culture and ethnicity. ‘Padharo mahare des’ the motto of hospitality which means, dear guest, you are most welcome to my state. The combination and urban and rural life you can only witness in Rajasthan. Where the city breathes with hulla-baloo of daily life and chores, the rural life whispers the sweet music of nature. The natural beauty is vast and incomparable to any other state.

Many travel and tour companies will provide great trips for Rajasthan. Tourism is

Avail The Best Taxi Service In Nottingham

The taxi services have become a trend among the various countries and states and it has become really convenient for the people and the ones who do not own a vehicle. The taxis are very easy to hire and are comfortable in using the service any time and every time.

You need not worry about the fuel and the parking of the vehicle when you use the taxi service. Because the driver is responsible for all those and you will just have to take the ride and get yourself dropped at the desired location. Including the plenty of others, you have option for a taxi from Nottingham to Manchester airport too, that helps one to travel with ease and comfort.

Importance of the taxi:

  • The taxi service is very important during the emergency service because one might not have a vehicle on their own.
  • The taxi is vital in all the countries and cities for using in all the time of the day because one might not know to drive a car or any vehicle and it might be important to have the taxi service available at the time of need.
  • People who cannot afford to buy a vehicle on their own can get this

Three Top Hotels in London for Business Travel

A prebooked Heathrow or Gatwick Airports taxi or shuttle can take your guests to any hotel in London. Here are three top hotels for business travel.

London is a popular city for business travel, with several major airports with easy reach of the city, including Heathrow and Gatwick Airport. Taxi and shuttle services from either of these airports provide an easy and very convenient way to get into the city.

If you’re entertaining clients in London and need an excellent, high quality business hotel for their accommodation, you’ll need to consider location, size and facilities. Here are three top hotels in London suitable for business travellers.

The Lanesborough

The Lanesborough is a luxury hotel situated in Knightsbridge, which is a very prestigious area in the city. With 93 ensuite rooms, the hotel is a good size to accommodate larger groups. Designed with a refined and sophisticated edge, rooms have all the mod cons you would expect. Free Wi-Fi and laptops are offered in every room, and there’s even a free butler service. A top class restaurant, fitness centre and spa complete the facilities provided here, making it an ideal venue to cater to business travellers.

Langham Hotel London

With 380 rooms, the Langham could be described

How to Get cheap flights from New Delhi to Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and it is a commercial and financial hub of eastern India.  Even the Britishers who had ruled India, started building their capital from Kolkata. Kolkata is situated on the banks of Hooghly river and there are many architectural monuments and is famous for historic places.

A huge number of travelers travel from Delhi to Kolkata by flights, and there are other mode of transportation which is available. Finding a cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Kolkata is now very easy. There are many airlines companies which provide flight tickets at low cost , who offer cheap airfares and exciting deals on flight ticket booking. You can book your flight ticket according your budget and schedule.

You can book Delhi to Kolkata flight tickets through online travel websites and they offer discounts and offers on your flight booking.

Kolkata is the third most popular metro city which is filled with opportunities in economy, industry, education, culture, tourism and many more aspects. All the corporate companies have their offices in Kolkata and it is one of the fastest developing city in India.

Kolkata is not only known for business travel but also for holiday trips, as there are many places in Kolkata which can be visited like parks and gardens, memorials, architectural structures, engineering feats, museums and other places which attracts tourists around the globe. When you are Kolkata you can give a visit to  Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens (Stadium), Birla Planetarium, Howrah Bridge, Marble Palace, Nicco Park, Shaheed Minar, National Library, Botanical Gardens, Belur Math, Kali Mandir, St. Pauls Cathedral and Kalighat Temple during your travel to Kolkata.

If you are planing for holiday or business trip to KolkataScience Articles, you can purchase cheap flight tickets through airlines sites or through online travel websites. You can now easily book your flight tickets online by sitting at your home without any hassle at your convenience and budget. Search and book Delhi to Kolkata flights at cheap prices.

Experience a Royal Accommodation in Bali Indonesia

Bali is known as a paradise in Asia, because of its pristine beaches and panoramic landscapes that it can offer to all tourists who are interested to spend time in Bali. This is also considered as the best destination in Asia, because it has magnetized great number of tourists from different parts of the globe

As you try to look for an accommodation in Bali for your travel this year, you will realize that this island has something to offer for every genre. You can find things to do and places to visit, whether you are an adventure lover, nature lover or fun lover. You will surely love this place, because it can offer you everything that you are looking for a perfect vacation adventure.

Spending the Holidays in Bali can offer an immense pleasure as well as enjoyments with its wonderful sceneries and enjoyable activities. If you love this idea, then it is best if you will consider an advance booking for travel accommodation. As you plan your holiday vacation in Bali, Indonesia, then it is best if you will send it within the luxurious Bali villa. This can offer you the ultimate ease because of their top of the

Mesmerizing Travel Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian major cities offer a range of holiday options in the form of shopping, adventure sports, beaches, mountains etc. Mecca and Medina are the pilgrimage centers visited by millions of pilgrims each year. Abha, Jeddah, Al Khobar and Riyadh are the most popular tourist as well as business destinations.

Abha is one of the favorite places to visit during summer time in Saudi Arabia. Abha city has chilled and pleasant climate which makes it a popular tourist location for the locals as well as the expats. Domestic Flights to Abha are available from Medina, Jeddah and Riyadh on a regular basis. The region has rich cultural heritage and has numerous historical places such as forts and other ancient locations. Taking a long drive from Khamis Mushait to Abha can be exciting as one gets to view and experience beautiful sceneries on the course. But, utmost care has to be taken while strolling on this highway as it consists of narrow bends.

Jeddah is the cultural as well as the business hub of Saudi Arabia. It is a global city that proudly boasts of ancient Islamic rituals and traditions. It has close proximity with Mecca and Medina. Masjid Al Haram in Mecca

Jamshedpur The First Planned Industrial City Of India

Jamshedpur is an industrial city of Jharkhand, India. In fact, it is the largest city in the state and is home to over 13 million denizens. It is the most populated urban agglomeration in the state and its urban area is the third largest in eastern India. It is also ranked amongst the fastest growing cities in the country and was declared India’s 7th cleanest city in 2010. It was originally called Sakchi and was renamed in 1919 after its founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. The city happens to be the first planned industrial city of India and owes this to its founder as he contributed a lot to develop the city. Today, the city is sufficiently equipped with every aspect of parameter and is a major revenue city of Jharkhand.
Also known by the names Tatanagar, Steel City, and Tata, Jamshedpur is home to several large and small companies and businesses. To name the most significant ones: Tata Power, Tata Steel, Telcon, Tata Motors, TCE, TRF, TCS, BOC Gases, Timken, and Praxair. Adityapur, the largest industrial zone in India, is situated in Jamshedpur. It is home to about 1200 industries. There is a small airport called Sonari Airport in

Take a Break From Business in London

Just arrived into London for business on a Heathrow or Gatwick airport taxi? Here are some great suggestions for the down time between work meetings!

London is one of the world’s most exciting cities – steeped in a deep history that’s still evident around every corner, and well known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, art, culture and cuisine. Attracting both leisure and business travellers, there is something to whet everyone’s palate in this wonderfully vibrant city.

If you’re visiting on holiday you may already have an itinerary organised, however if you’re in London for just a few days on business you might be looking for a few lesser-known places to explore in between your meetings and seminars. Here are some suggestions to experience a slightly different side to London.

The Underground Film Club – Quite the opposite of an al fresco cinema, this place is perfect for the winter months in the UK. Set in The Vaults beneath Waterloo, it’s a cosy, quirky cinema perfect for getting away from it all. With comfortable seats and great light refreshments, this venue is nothing like the commercial chains of cinemas. Screening contemporary films, the Underground Film Club is a favourite haunt of avid film buffs. At

Ooty The Epitome Of A Weekend Getaway Destination

Undoubtedly one of the most talked about and sought after tourist destinations in India, Ooty is a beautiful hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one such place people from far and near flock in to to have a perfect quiet holiday. It also lies close to Chennai and Coimbatore making it a perfect weekend getaway for the city folks. The landscape is marked with dense lush vegetations, smaller hills and plateaus covered with beautiful long stretches of tea gardens and eucalyptus trees.
Ooty is a rich town. Tourism is a big contributor towards the economy of Ooty, but it is not the sole contributor. Ooty earns a huge chunk of its economy from it agricultural produce and tea production as well. It enjoys a nice temperate climate all throughout the year which makes for a perfect climate for agriculture and mainly tea plantations. Ooty also has beautiful hotels and resorts built in old British colonial style. Some Ooty hotels like Hotel Savoy and King’s Cliffe hotel are perfect examples. Both these hotels possess the old English charm offering colonial style cottages spread along a huge plot of land. The small multi coloured cottages are quiet,

A Guide to Chail

The thing about famous hill stations is that they tend to get overcrowded when it’s the best time of the year to visit them. When people are looking for an escape from their busy and jam-packed life-style, the last thing they want is an overcrowded place. For those of you who crave to be one with the nature with bare minimum outside interference, Chail is your calling. Set amidst the Shivalik Hills, Chail was the result of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala’s desire to turn this place into his summer capital. Beautiful dense green forests, lush green fields spread over miles and miles of land are just one of the enticing features of this land. It is one of the blessed places of Himachal Pradesh that enjoys great weather almost all year long.

Chail is approximately 63 kilometres from Shimla, and offers an amazing view of Shimla as well as Kasauli. The vast expanse of Chail is divided into three major regions- Pandewa, Rajgarh and Sadh Tiba. If you’re planning to visit Chail, pick your time of visit somewhere between the months of April to October, as Chail enjoys the best weather during these months.

Chail has many beautiful places to offer,

Celebrate Indian Culture In Pushkar The Holy City Of Lord Brahma

Pushkar is one of the most significant pilgrimages in India. Falling within the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of the most highlighted cities of the state. The city is particularly famous of the annual Pushkar Mela, which is the largest camel festival in the world, and the 2000 years old Brahma temple. It is also often visited by the pilgrims who are on a journey to the Ajmer Sharif, the holy shrine of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti situated in Ajmer. Pushkar is a small town and amongst the oldest cities in India. Primarily a Hindu town, the city shares the borders with the famous Thar desert. It is the first desert city of the Thar desert and is known to experience very hot and dry summer.
The name “Pushkar” is a combination of two different word Push and Kar. It means “the lotus flower” and is believed to be the city of Hindu Lord Brahma. According to the most popular belief, Lord Brahma dropped a lotus in the lake situated about 1.1 k.m. from the centre of the city, following which the city came into existence. Since then the city was treated as the home of Lord

A Guide to Palampur

When planning your trip to a hill station, you need to plan rigorously and then strictly stick to it, which at times can turn out to be very taxing. Palampur located in the north western part of the state of Himachal Pradesh, is one-stop getaway for a fun-filled vacation. It has a mild climate and can be visited throughout the year be it summer winter or monsoon. But the best time to experience the most of the place is the period from March to June. The summers give Palampur its true colour – GREEN. Also known as the green valley, Palampur is famous for its tea gardens and pine forests.

Palampur is fairly connected by all means of transport – air, rails and roads. Though, Palampur does not have its own airport or railway station, its best reached by road. The nearest airport is at Dharamsala Kangra Airport, Gaggal, roughly one-hour drive from Palampur; the closest railhead from Palampur is Maranda, a 2km drive from Palampur. Palampur is well connected by roads and taxis and buses are easily available.

There are a number of places in and around Palampur much to the tourists’ delight. Palampur is home to a number of well-known